How do I get started?

The process of working with an architect is actually very easy:  It starts with a phone call or an email.  I can take a quick look at your property, the zoning, your budget, and most importantly, your ideas, in order to let you know what’s possible.  This is a free service as well as a way to get some great advice, and will get you on the right path to making your project a reality.

From there, I will take your wish list and pair it to your budget to create the best design for your lifestyle and needs.  Good design is both art and science - it is everything to a project – and proportion, precedent, and detail will set your building apart from the norm.

The process of refining the design follows:  finding the best materials and cost effective design.  Once a final design has been established, a set of drawings used for bidding and construction will be drawn.  Detail is important here because the better a set of drawings, the fewer problems you’ll run into both in bidding and construction.

Finally, I will take your project through bidding, construction and whatever level of finish detailing you require.  No project is too small or too big.  With minimal overhead, I can offer you high-end services at affordable prices.

Keep in mind that good design is the most important thing you can put into your project.

Please feel free to call or email at the number and address below, or use the contact form at the right.

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